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James Corden net worth: How much is the British host’s total wealth? may receive a commission for links published on this page, but we only share verified data and sources

Corden’s career

Corden has shown remarkable flexibility as an actor, excelling in a variety of theatrical, film, and television roles.

He has an annual salary of $9 million.

Born on August 22, 1978, in Hillingdon, London, Corden grew up in Hazelmere, and his mother was a social worker, while his father was a musician and bible salesman.

Corden’s talents were recognized at an early age, and in his early 2000s, he was a television reporter while appearing in series such as Boyz Unlimited, Teachers, Hollyoaks, Little Britain, and more.

While establishing himself in the acting world, Corden did commercials and then the movies like What Happened to Harold Smith?, All or Nothing, Heartlands, and Cruise of the Gods began to arrive.

Corden was pursuing a big acting career, which came with the new millennium in 2000.

Fat Friends and Gavin & Stacey’s show Fat Friends represented a breakthrough, and his role earned him a nomination for a Royal Television Society award.

The 2004 theatrical production of The History Boys also helped bolster Corden’s reputation, and this theatrical role led to his appearance in the film adaptation of the play.

James Corden took his career into his own hands when he co-wrote and co-starred in his original series, Gavin & Stacey.

“Carpool Karaoke” became a viral sensation, garnering billions of views on YouTube and elevating Corden’s status as a late-night talk show host. The show’s success not only cemented his position in American entertainment but also bolstered his earnings significantly.

James Corden announced he’s retiring from ‘The Late Show’ in 2023.

This will be the last campaign Corden will be in charge of the night TV show.

James Corden was famous for the Carpool Karaoke, and Spill the Guts sections.

James Corden’s Net Worth

Estimating a celebrity’s earnings can be a challenging task, as various sources contribute to their wealth. However, with his successful television career, blockbuster film roles, and lucrative ventures, it is safe to assume that James Corden’s earnings are substantial.

Actor, comedian, writer, producer and even host of one of the most famous TV shows, Britain’s James Corden has an accumulated fortune of $70 million.

After gaining fame and fortune in the UK, Corden enjoyed more widespread international fame after becoming the host of The Late Late Show in March 2015.

Ventures and Investments

Apart from his flourishing career in show business, James Corden has demonstrated a keen interest in investments. One of his notable ventures includes real estate, where he has invested in several prime properties in the United Kingdom and the United States. Corden’s luxury properties have not only become symbols of his success but also valuable assets in his investment portfolio.

Moreover, Corden has also shown an affinity for entrepreneurial endeavors. He co-founded a production company, Fulwell 73, with friends and fellow producers, which has produced numerous successful television shows and films, further diversifying his income streams.

From humble beginnings in British television to becoming a global comedy icon, Corden’s charm and wit have endeared him to audiences worldwide.

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