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Codie Sanchez is an inspiring investor, entrepreneur, speaker, and multi-millionaire whose influence and popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. As a former journalist who jumped into the financial services industry and then climbed the corporate ladder into leadership positions at companies like Vanguard, Goldman Sachs, and State Street, to then starting her own highly successful acquisition company that has lead to her becoming the owner of over 30 different small businesses and a growing media company, she can teach us a lot. So, to highlight a little bit of her wisdom around success, and draw more attention to her inspiring ways, we’ve decided to publish this collection of Codie Sanchez quotes for success.

Our hope is that you’ll be able to leverage some of her wise words to help you find the motivation to take more action on your dreams, and the insights to do it successfully. That said, if you’re ready for these empowering Corie Sanchez quotes on success, then let’s dive right in:


best codie sanchez quotes

1. “If you do what the average person does, you will be as the average person is. Average.” – Codie Sanchez

2. “I’m just dumb enough to believe in myself, and smart enough to execute.” – Codie Sanchez

3. “Every day bite off more than you can chew… and then chew it.” – Codie Sanchez

4. “Don’t ever let anybody tell you to just wait. Tell them to show you the money.” – Codie Sanchez

5. “Companies don’t want you to have multiple revenue streams because then they can’t own you.” – Codie Sanchez

6. “Take the jump sooner. Bet on yourself. The risk-return ratio for when you start a business early is less.” – Codie Sanchez

7. “We have become a nation of renters owned by an elite group of owners. We have handed over the reins of our lives to the few who tell us we must be protected not protectors. THAT is my mission. To help more humans become owners, free thinkers and financially free.” – Codie Sanchez

8. “If you don’t understand debt, you’ll never be truly wealthy.” – Codie Sanchez

9. “Money is not a constrained resource, at least not if we continue in a capitalistic society. You can earn AS MUCH as you earn. The unfair advantage comes from knowing how to earn.” – Codie Sanchez

10. “Everybody wants the hack. Be the person who does the work.” – Codie Sanchez

codie sanchez quotes about work

11. “I like my stilettos like I like my margins…. High.” – Codie Sanchez

12.Money isn’t the goal. The goal is to work when you want, where you want and on what you want.” – Codie Sanchez

13. “Even when you love your work… It still requires work. Success is not guaranteed.” – Codie Sanchez

14. “Most people don’t make money because they let not knowing what to do… stop them.” – Codie Sanchez

15. “The idea that we need to “pay our dues” is a lie told to us by people who want our labor on the cheap.” – Codie Sanchez

16. “The path to wealth isn’t always a new social media or AI startup. People eat, sleep, live, and often work outside of the internet. Money is everywhere.” – Codie Sanchez

17. “I don’t know about heaven or hell, but I know that bliss isn’t found in drugs or excess, in sex, or in escaping… it’s found in creating.” – Codie Sanchez

18. “No one has to give you permission. If you sit around waiting you may never get it. Better to ask for forgiveness.” – Codie Sanchez

19. “Patience Tips: 1. Save More Than You Spend. 2. Invest Your Savings. 3. Compound Those Savings.” – Codie Sanchez

20. “It’s better to be hated than be irrelevant.” – Codie Sanchez

codie sanchez quote

21. “In order to escape the lifestyle that everyone else saw for me I had to move, I had to make changes.” – Codie Sanchez

22. “If you don’t move your location… you probably will not move your 0’s. The power of place is real. So most people in order to hit that first six-figures, you go to do something drastic. Leaving your hometown may be one of those things.” – Codie Sanchez

23. “You should steal my homework so that you can get to six and seven figures at a younger age than I did. I did a lot of things wrong and I reached it here. So let me tell you, if a public school kid like myself can do it, I don’t see any reason why you can’t too.” – Codie Sanchez

24. “Until you have financial freedom you can’t do much, because somebody else owns you.” – Codie Sanchez

25. “A CEO is largely a captain, helping to steer. Small micromovements are critical. One degree off a day will get you lost.” – Codie Sanchez

26. “You have to be the architect of your own life. The biggest mistake you can make is let somebody else write your story.” – Codie Sanchez

27. “Being unpopular and being okay with it, will set your free. It will teach you that you can speak your mind, and not care what others think.” – Codie Sanchez

28. “When I was first making money the idea of having $100K in savings might as well have been a bajillion dollars.” – Codie Sanchez

29. “Don’t make decisions based on fear.” – Codie Sanchez

30. “Don’t mistake reading with doing.” – Codie Sanchez

codie sanchez quote on taking action

31. “So I have a rule called the 10x rule, and no this isn’t about doing 10x the work, this is about you focusing on giving 10x more than you receive.” – Codie Sanchez

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There you have it, 25 Codie Sanchez quotes to steer you towards greater success in life and in business. If you found her quotes to be insightful or inspiring, be sure to check out Codie’s fast-growing YouTube channel, as it is chockful of insightful and inspiring content for big dreamers and go-getters like you.

Till you reach your aims,


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